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Original formula Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

11 years ago

I have been disgusted with the grease cleaning action of the recent versions of Dawn. When I started Googling around on the subject I found a version that people say works like the original. It is mostly available from janitorial supply houses in case lots or gallon sixed jugs, but it comes in a 39 ouncew bottle. It is called Dawn original Pot and Pans, with the Pot and Pans name promintly displayed on the label. Anyone ever tried that version? I'd like to know your expreience with it. The clerk I called at Walmart seemed to think they carry it, so I may drive to my local one and give a look. I have seen the label at sites on the net so I know what it looks like. There are so many versions of Dawn and some also say for pos and pans but Not prominently.

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