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back to drawing many times is normal?

12 years ago

Our builder has been rushing us to get our plan together so he can get pricing. The lot is owned by a third party and we have a few weeks to get it together because we have a deposit holding it for the interim. The land owner has a right to put it back on the market after 30 days; so everyone is rushing us.

Rushed, we brought a couple of floorplans and photos of the elements we wanted on our exterior to the architect. Within a week, he did a computer sketch of it (not crazy about it) Meanwhile I'd seen a few other layouts I liked better...the entire house shifts effecting the interior and exterior footprint also. So there is no way we can use Plan #1 except for certain exterior elements.

We met a few days ago and we saw the first drawings and didn't feel they were the right plan. I showed him the other ideas I had and he did a lot of freehand sketching and is working it up on the computer. Today I think I'm changing my mind about the layout of the house, but I do want to see how it all plays out in case it is the one!

Is this the process or are we going to drive them crazy? Do people often do several plans of a similar idea and then pull it together after seeing how they all play out? I seems like he could just do a quick sketch rather than drawing it up on the computer and going to every last detail. I feel like we are annoying them. This is our house and I just don't want to rush and accept something that isn't the best it can be.

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