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GE Cafe Range matches which range hoods?

16 years ago

I recently purchased an AG GE Cafe range and need to find a undercabinet or wall-mounted hood which will match the stainless finish generally or, at least, not clash horribly. The matching Cafe hood is too bulky for our space.

We have a glass block window on the wall behind the range (although above it,) so I'd like to block as little of the window as possible. We are considering an 30 " undercabinet hood (without the cabinet, though) and venting it straight back.

When looking at reviews of hoods, it didn't seem that GE had particularly effective or quiet hoods, although I know these would probably match the Cafe range's finish the best.

Anyone have any suggestions? (I work and have a toddler, so going to a store and doing it in person is my last resort, although obviously I'll do it if I have to.)


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