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Help asap Bill & others - don't like new shower floor

14 years ago

Our master shower floor was just installed and the more I look at it the more I dislike it see below.) I'm wondering what I can do, short of ripping it out, which my builder told me would be a lot of work (=$$.) He said once marble saddle is in and shower doors, won't notice it as much anyway. It is only 16sf.

The issue is it is a lot busier and more pink/orange than I had thought based on the smaller sample board (Akdo, Desert tan slate.) I'm beating myself up too because when I saw the full sheets, I thought it looked really different from the sample, but I also thought it might be okay once installed.

Thank god, I picked a coordinating behind-the-mirror tile - same line and colorway, just different size for wall, but it hasn't been installed, so I am just going to pick something else.

I was wondering would it be somewhat less work and could I do it myself - maybe pull out some of the offending pinkish and orangey squares and replace with the colors I like? I still have one whole box, so plenty of extra squares - or any other suggestions?

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