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Chrome vs Satin Nickel

10 years ago

Are you guys sick of my questions yet? :)

So, I probably need to decide whether to go with chrome or satin nickel for my metal finishes. Unless I can mix them, which throws a third option into the mix.

I like the look of chrome but am worried about spotting. However, this bathroom will not get heavy use and so spotting won't happen a lot (famous last words). I've lived with shiny brass and managed to keep the spots at bay. Still it's a consideration. Or is it?

The bathroom door handle (lever) is satin nickel, as they are throughout the house. I will have a tub/shower combo system, vanity faucet, over the mirror (or sconce, unlikely) lights. Possibly a metal framed medicine cabinet so that the mirror doesn't erode.

I don't really care. But I should probably decide and narrow my choices.

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