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Help with grab bar/faucet placement near roman tub

12 years ago

Hi have a roughed-in master bath, 7ft long tub deck with 11" from tub rim to each wall of the alcove, it's 4ft deep (front to back) under a window so probably won't install a grab bar on the long wall as it will be too low to be of use.

The drain AND supply lines are run to the left hand side/end of the tub. The right hand side/end wall has a pocket door in it so the first stud is 24" in from edge of tub deck.

I had specified the drain (and faucet) be on the right hand side so that I could install a grab bar on the linen closet (left hand) corner. But modular home came with the drain on that side since they said they didn't have the right pitch for the drain to be able to put it at the other end (5ft away).

So, should I put the faucet on the deck in the right front corner where the blue and white plastic is (can't do middle - deck supports in the way, deck isn't deep enough in middle of tub to put it there)? That means 5ft long hoses from the tub valve/faucet to the shutoffs. Then I could put grab bar where I had planned. Would it look strange to have the faucet so close to the pocket door leading to the WIC? Also would be dead ahead as you're walking through pocket door from master BR (usually left open). Not to mention that I've never seen a faucet mounted at the opposite end of the tub from the drain (and right by my face as I'm soaking).

I also have a separate handshower and handle I wanted to mount in right hand back corner so it *would* be right by my head (for shampooing), but the one I got is too short to reach over the rim from the deck (rim is 2" high, 3.5" wide) so would have to be mounted on the acrylic "bumpout" on the front edge of the tub. I have placed the ORB escutcheons for the handle and wand there to make sure they'd fit.

This would be on my left hand side if my feet are on the drain. It also would be within 2ft of the faucet and I don't know whether that would look crowded, and app. 38" from the grab bar and I don't know if it will be hard to swing my foot over. The tub deck will be app. 20" from finished floor (depending on heat/tile depth) plus the 2" high rim plus the height of the diverter handle (Delta Victorian H516) - I haven't bought the handle yet but I assume it's another 3.5" high or so, based on the size of the faucet handles.

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