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garrell house plans (amicalola & etc)

11 years ago

We should all start a support group for Garrell house plan owner/builders. Lol They're beautiful, but complicated and expensive! We're going to be our own GC and are in the planning & budgeting stages (working on take off estimates, getting bids from subs, writing specs, etc.). We've had some sticker shock on the wood truss/posts/beams, but those really make the plan so we'll just have to see if there is somewhere else we can save some money (like leaving the basement unfinished to start). Always has to be some give and take. This is our third house we've literally built on our own together w/o killing each other...yet. ;)

We've purchased the Amicalola Cottage house plan from G&A and are waiting on to get the modifications back from them so we can really get rolling. We've been lucky enough to find and tour some similar G&A house plans, which has really helped us get a little better feel for the actual spaces.

We'd welcome any suggestions on ways to save money when building this house plan (still keeping the integrity) &/or a heads up for anything we should specifically watch out for on this house plan. We're all ears (or eyes in the this case)! :)



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