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sold first car 2 years ago,Im I still liable?

16 years ago

I need to know what to do about this stituation, and Im i going to still have to pay?.....Two years ago i sold my car. I had the title signed and gave it to the buyer; recieved the money and and sold the car. I sent in the form stating i sold my car with the guys info and the cars info, and the date i sold it. Well just recently i got a paper in the mail from a towing company saying the car that i had sold was in the inpound and that it was still registered under my name. Im thinking the Dmv never recieved the paper. Which i thought they did because I never recieved another registation form for the last two years. Is there anyway it could have got lost in the mail? and Im i going to still have to pay for it because the DMV never got the info? ANd is the guy i sold it to going to get in any trouble for driving it with out it being registered under his name, because you have to get it registered first to get insurance.? Is there anyways i can fight it if i do have to pay for it??? Please any advice would help. I cant afford to get it out of the impound...

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