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More floor plan advice for my ever changing plans!

12 years ago

Hello Everyone,

Just when we think we are getting close on finalizing the initial sketches of our plan, we have an idea that creates so much more change in the house. The latest: shifting the garage back so that we can maximize our backyard and take advantage of the fact that we have a wide property (~190 feet). We like this idea and really want to make it work.

So, having said that, of course it required really re-working the 2nd floor with some minor changes on the 1st floor. Unfortunately this change has added square footage to our home. We are closer to 4k versus the targeted 3500. Do you have any ideas on how we may better utilize the space on the 2nd floor with the end goal of decreasing square footage and possibly limiting bedroom space over garage? We have a bonus space above the garage that I was thinking about using as the master closet and hoping the square footage would not count.

Would appreciate overall feedback on the 1st floor and any advice/feedback you may have for the 2nd floor.

Many, many thanks!

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