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Help with designing new bathroom dormer

12 years ago

IâÂÂve been a longtime passive participant on this site, taking advantage of the collective wisdom when renovating our kitchen. Now that IâÂÂm taking on renovating two bathrooms, and adding a new dormer for a third bathroom, IâÂÂm hoping for specific advice. At the moment IâÂÂm struggling with the new dormer. IâÂÂm attaching the architectâÂÂs latest design, which works fine, but IâÂÂm wondering if thereâÂÂs a more efficient way to lay out the space. There are some parameters to the project:

1) We live in an urban area (two family homes and triple deckers) and went through a six month approval process with the Zoning Board to get permission for the dormer. Per the variance, the walls and windows of the plan cannot be changed (though creating âÂÂdummy window(s)â is fine by me because weâÂÂre 15 feet away from our neighborâÂÂs house).

2) IâÂÂd like to keep the WC and the shower/vanity area separate.

3) The washer/dryer (a small stackable Miele set we already own (I think 30â square)) need to squeeze into the space.

4) Nearly everything else is negotiable, though the bookshelves on the left (facing the hallway) are pretty important.

ItâÂÂs going to be three months of dusty, dirty, expensive, construction purgatory, and IâÂÂm trying to avoid any oversights or plain dumb decisions. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to share their experience and expertise!

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