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urgent help - capital precision owners - countertop issue

16 years ago

My 48" Capital Precision rangetop is going in and the countertops will be templated this Friday, so I need urgent help!

Any Capital Precision owners, please tell me what you did about your installation, particularly of your rangetop!

My cabinet designer designed the cabinetry to permit the rangetop to be installted with the face of the range flush with the face of the drawers underneath and I really like that look. However, then the countertop looks awful where it meets the rangetop's curved, protruding upper edge. My GC wants to address this issue by having my entire rangetop protrude almost 2 inches out from the cabinet face, which I really don't like the look of; it looks like the rangetop was installed after the cabinets were already in, instead of the cabinets being custom made to be built around the rangetop.

Please show me pics of your installed rangetop! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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