Capital Precision 48' Rangetop Issues

12 years ago

I've been using my new Capital 48" 8 burner Natural Gas rangetop for over 7 months and have a few comments to share.

First, I am very happy that I bought all 8 burners and no griddle or grill. I've used all the burners many times between holidays and large family meals that include homemade soup, etc. I make pancakes for my kids 3-4 times a month, but I love being able to put my double-burner griddle pan in the sink, clean it thoroughly and put it out of sight. (Of course, this is a matter of opinion and personal preference and of course is not the solution for everyone.)

Next, I like the look of the range. It has a nice design. Here's a picture of it installed in my kitchen -

Now for the criticisms.

1. None of my 8 burners can simmer. I burn rice and everything boils at the lowest setting. The knob does not change the flame height a bit from the middle of the knob to the lowest mark on the knob. (There is significant flame adjustment from Hi to mid-knob.) I have been emailing with Capital since mid-September 2008 and still have not had any help with this matter. Sending another email to my contact today (and frankly hoping that posting this on GW will also help get attention from Capital!). I have a feeling that this problem CAN be corrected, because I've seen wonderful comments from other Capital owners who not only boil quickly, but simmer beautifully as well! I'm eager to post an update when my trouble has been corrected!

2. The grates are unsafe as currently designed, in my experience. Each burner has 8 supports for each pot. However, only 4 supports are available to support pots of 8" diameter or less. In order to have 8 support points, your pot has to be over 8" in diameter. This has been a problem for me because my All-Clad pots have heavy handles that cause the pot to tip unless the handle is perfectly lined up with one of the 4 supports! See picture below of my 6" All-Clad pot tipping. This has happened to me several times with hot food in the pot!

3. Although the other burner parts can go in the dishwasher, they are easily stained and so far I haven't been able to get them new looking again. Minor complaint.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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