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Decision Time: Asst Living or Nursing Home?

11 years ago

This is an article everyone who may become a caretaker or has POA for an elderly relative, should read. So many of us are facing this difficult decision, and don't know how to evaluate a potential caretaker situation.

Assisted Living or a Nursing Home?

NYTimes June 10, 2011

(Full link below: NYTimes allows free access up to 15 articles per month)

(Excerpted) "When families can no longer keep an older adult in his own home (the almost universal preference) and are investigating congregate living, "that's everyone's first thought," said Lisa Gwyther, the veteran social worker who directs the Duke Family Support Program in Durham, N.C. "Everyone says, 'My mom doesn't belong in a nursing home,' so they think assisted living, regardless of her medical needs or prognosis."

But assisted living won't work for everyone, either. The author consulted Ms. Gwyther and Dr. Hawes for guidance on which older people are likely to do well there and which will need the greater supervision and higher staff ratios a good nursing home can offer."

Here is a link that might be useful: New Old Age Blog: Asst Living or Nursing Home guidelines

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