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Bluestar 48' range.... Oven Questions

14 years ago

I'll be going with the Bluestar 48" in a new home build and I"m at the point in floor plan design that I need to know whether I'll be going with double wall ovens or a range.

I've always had the double wall ovens... electric and since they're older, they're huge and non convection. The measurements inside for one are almost the size of the BS 48" large oven.

Re the smaller oven does anyone have any photos maybe with a casserole inside of the smaller oven? Does it have a light? How many racks? What are the dimensions of it... there is no info on this online that I can find.

With the gas convection in general do you find that you have to rotate cakes, bread etc? I'm a big baker and know that I won't want to be rotating dishes halfway through.

Can you put items on both the upper and lower racks at the same time and still have an even cooking? This is something that I can't do well now with the electric nonconvection.

15" interior height seems just normal to me as my oven now is 15.5 inches between the elements. Can you position things close to the top/bottom since there are no elements?

Any regrets with your BS ovens?

Thanks for helping a soon to be new to gas GWer!

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