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Share your knowledge of Assisted Living Facilities

15 years ago

What I know about assisted living is mainly by osmosis as my Mother went from home directly to LTC. An elderly Aunt, on the other hand, lived in a senior independent living apartment building in a complex that also had assisted living apartment buildings. All apartments in the complex, regardless of the status of the residents, had call buttons in the bathrooms and bedrooms, residents had communal meals at least once a day as a check, etc.

The assisted living building had a nurse on call, and there was staff available to help those residents who needed assistance in rising, dressing, bathing, med taking. Communal meals were a way to keep track of everyone. In most cases, the residents have something/someone to take care of bill paying and the more routine financial matters if that was necessary. Many also had independent housekeepers who would also do laundry and hair dressers who made house calls. This particular complex had no level of care beyond assisted, so a resident requiring LTC would have to move.

The complex my Mother is in has all levels of care from adult daycare services to independent to assisted to LTC. Once in, you can seemlessly go right through the system.

This is all I can say. I know assisted living is an interim step between independence and LTC, but from anyone's experience what do you - or better yet - what should you get for money spent on assisted living?

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