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thoughts on walk out basements....

Epiarch Designs
12 years ago

We are trying to decide if we want a full walkout basement, or just a daylit basement.

Our lot is perfect for either, will a backyard space with nothing but thick trees as the backdrop. Here are the reasons we are considering:

her thoughts are security. She is thinking about another door to lock, etc. It does not make too much sense to me however, being as we have other doors as well. One more isnt that big of a deal to me. We will also have 2 bedrooms down there, and a large open game/family area. She is also concerned about the kids (none yet, but will be) young and old, can go outside down there without us knowing, or later in teen years, sneak out/other sneak in. On the pro side, with the nice back yard, it makes entertaining nice as you can go in and out without having to go upstairs, out the deck, and back down again. Also moving in furniture and things like that. It would avoid having to move stuff down steps, rather in from the outside.

No matter what it will be daylit with full windows (no wells). Its really a matter of adding a door outside down there or not.

So what do people think? People that have them love them/regret them? Other things we havent considered?

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