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Are my antique bed frame rails too short? Can I get longer ones

11 years ago

My girlfriend has been using an antique bed frame that she bought a few years ago. It has four main pieces: The front, the back, and the rails along the side.

The rails fit into the front and back with a molded shape, kind of like a baby bottle nipple.

I had noticed before that the bed frame was slightly shorter than the bed and chalked that up to the way things used to be (a large soda in the 50s is now a small, etc).

But now that we've replaced the mattress, box spring, and slats, I'm convinced that the warped feeling is due to the frame being too short. The back of the box spring rests inside the molded curve of the back two corners, but the front of the box spring sits on top of the frame, about an inch over.

So I guess my questions are:

1. Did they make mattresses shorter then? Or did we have irregular rails (perhaps custom sized for a foreign mattress)?

2. Are these interlocking rails still made today but to current mattress sizes? Could I get new ones online or at a local mattress dealer? What are they keywords I need to know?

3. If they don't make them this way anymore, but they did make them recently enough to fit a modern bed, are they hard to find? Again, I can't even start without knowing the lingo.

4. If rails of this type were never made for today's bed, are adapters available?

5. Is it possible that we just haven't tried hard enough to make it fit? Is there a trick to these curved bed frames to get the box spring in?

6. Finally, if worst comes to worst, if the bed frame is irregular, could we find standard but still-antique rails out there that will do the trick?

Thanks so much for reading. If this gets fixed, our backs will thank you too.

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