Fingernail tips

16 years ago

I've always received such good info from these forums, that I felt I should share some things that have worked for me.

I've always had long fingernails, but I found as I grew older that they broke more easily. If I broke one, I would then cut them all back. However, as I aged (I'm now 60), they started to peel even when kept short. I was complaining of this to my dermatologist when I went in for my yearly visit. He told me to take Biotin, 2,500 mcg., once a day. It can be purchased over the counter at drug stores, WalMart, etc. Although, sometimes it's difficult to find it in the correct dosage. It's not an overnight miracle, but it works. I've been taking it about 6 months. I now have long nails again and no peeling.

The second thing I ran into was quite by accident. My oldest daughter got remarried last weekend. Although I rarely polish my nails because of the abuse they take, I wanted them polished for the wedding. I was in WalMart and saw a pretty color that I though would look nice with my dress. It was a special package, 2 bottles--polish and a base/top coat. Knowing it only had to look nice for a day or two, I bought it. It was Maybelline Express Finish, advanced wear--not expensive at all. I polished my nails on Thursday night. I applied 1 coat of base/top coat, 2 coats of the color and 1 more coat of the base/top coat. The wedding was on Saturday (over a week ago). Since then, I have washed dishes daily, used steel wool to scrub pans, typed 5 days a week on my job. And, among other garden chores, I have repotted two very, very large pots of walking iris that had become overcrowded. They had to be separated and trimmed; the pots had to be cleaned, etc. In other words, my hands have had a lot of abuse. I am still wearing that polish that I put on over a week ago and there is not a single chip or place of wear anywhere. I've never seen anything like it. It must be made of iron. Maybe I can go back to having polished nails after all.

Hope these hints help someone else.

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