Do Weber grills go on sale?


My husband has his heart set on a Weber Summitt s-650, but at $1699 plus is about double what I thought we would originally spend. I do agree with him the grill looks great is a solid built grill that will last a very long time.

Do Weber grills ever go on sale? I saw some discounted grills online but the few websites I saw discounted prices at didn't get the best ratings. I am afraid they are shady and they are not authorized dealers, so I am afraid to purchase from them.

Target is running a sale at 15% off, but they charge a very high shipping rate and sales tax, so when I factor that in they are more expensive than getting it at our local store.

The only option I have seen is buying it at an authorized out of state online dealer and saving sales tax.

Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on where to buy a weber grill? Thanks!

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I believe Weber enforces a specific price point for their grills so you should expect similar prices at authorized retailers and etailers. At least this was my experience about 2 years ago.

The only time I have ever see Webers on sale is at the end of the grilling season. I got mine for quite a bit off but it was a floor model which they needed to clear out for next year's model. I have been very satisfied with it so I hope you will be as well. I have also found Weber to have good customer service.

BTW, you do not get around sale tax by buying from an out of state etailer. It is highly likely you live in a State that has Use Tax. It is basically sales tax that was not collected by the seller and by law, you are supposed to report your out of state purchases and pay the tax. In practice, it is not easy for States to enforce.

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Mine was bought at a True Value hardware store that was having a Fathers Day Weber sale. It was a great sale.

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