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101 year old concrete basement floor - paint or EPOXY??

10 years ago

Help me choose please! Head ready to explode. Need EASY DIY solution for concrete basement floor.

Reno nearly complete (drywall, paint) on our old basement except for floor. We have ruled out other floor coverings (tile, vinyl plank) and are planning to paint concrete and cover with area rugs. Will be in a small rec room/guest room, hallway and laundry/workshop. Not really high traffic.

Paint will be DIY project.

- There is existing mystery paint on concrete that is peeling.

- Planning on scraping as well as possible. Will rent sander if needed.

- Trying to avoid acid etching if possible. Sounds dangerous.

- Will patch and cure for 3 weeks as recommended.

- Will vacuum and clean as much as possible.

- Floor is in ok shape, but it is old. Ceilings low, budget tight, going to work with what we have.

- No moisture issues, but it is and old basement and we are near Lake Ontario. Not expecting perfection, just don't want to have to re-do in a year.

Looking at either:

1) Latex porch/floor paint - prime and paint, like walls

2) 1 or 2 stage Epoxy - maybe a garage floor kit? Have heard these are either fantastic or total garbage. Paint store people tell me it's overkill but I think it looks pretty good. Behr makes a 1 stage epoxy (Home Depot). Lots of 2 stage garage floor kits, I'm thinking H&C (Sherwin Williams) because they have an ivory color that I like. Also thinking the confetti bits are good as they will help disguise minor imperfections. Cheesy but useful. Have heard this is a bad idea if I don't etch the floor 1st... Any experience here??

If you've used any of these paints in your basement on concrete, I'd love to hear how it's holding up and whether you'd do it again. Any and all info/tips/recos gratefully accepted!! THANK YOU!

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