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Need rec patio/grape tomato for WS

Hi all, can someone recommend a patio or grape tomato for winter sowing? Could you share your experience in finding a tasty patio tomato?

It's for salads & snacking. I have limited space, but a nice patio, & ideally would like to grow a small plant in a small pot that delivers big taste. From reading this forum & searching the online companies mentioned, I've found 3 possibilities but don't know if I can WS them tho' I've read what I can in the WS forum.

I'm leaning toward 1) Red Robin #6010 at tomatogrowers, a new dwarf of the cherry that can be grown in an 8" pot, H 8-12" D 1.25" - the largest fruit of the 3 that I'm listing. I can't save the search but on the tomatogrowers link below I typed "patio tomato" in the search box & several possibilities were returned, be sure to arrow down.

Here are links that might be useful:

2) Micro-Tom #6536, H 5-8", D 0.5" is another possibility.

A 3rd possibility is Victory Seeds - Tiny Tim H 10-12", D 0.5"

Can I WS these & how tasty do you think they might be? I realize that you may not have grown these specific ones but could you share your experience that I might benefit from it? I'd appreciate a rec of something else, an online source plus any tips on WS. Thanks!!


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