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how do you use 4 hr delay on dishwasher if???

15 years ago

I think my Kitchenaid dishwasher is a lemon... I have tried all sorts of detergents and methods of washing (normal, heavy duty, hi temp, sani-rinse etc.). I never feel as though the dishwasher is doing a great job. After talking once with Kitchenaid they recommended running the water at the kitchen sink prior to running the dishwasher to assure the water is hot? How would you ever be able to use the 4 hour delay setting? The dishwasher sometimes makes strange sounds when running on certain cycles and now the door creaks when you open and close it. It is not much more than a year old. Does anyone have to run the kitchen faucet before using the dishwasher? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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