Tomatoes started from seed in September

7 years ago

Hello! This is my first post on Gardenweb. I just got into growing veggies from seed and I started some Paul Robeson and Cherokee tomatoes, but at the complete wrong time- In the middle of September! It was still very hot then and it seemed okay, but from now until March it gets down to 50 degrees F during the nights. Now I have several very lovely potted plants that are 1.5-2 ft high. All of them have small yellow flowers. I've grown a bit attached to the little guys and don't want to chuck them in the bin. I have a lot of questions:

Are they useless? Will they die? Or, will they survive until spring and then begin to flower/fruit again on a normal schedule? Is there anything I can do to make them productive plants?

Any help would be very much appreciated! For reference, my zip code is 90026 (Los Angeles)

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