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Tomato Dwarf Releases 2011

11 years ago

For those who are limited in space, grow in containers or would like to grow tomatoes indoors here is the list of Dwarf tomatoes available and from whom they can be obtained from. Not sure of the availability as some may be sold out att. This is the result of the ongoing Dwarf Project that started back in 2007 and are the first round of releases. Check out the vendors for plant discriptions.

Victory Seeds.

Dwarf Jade Beauty

Dwarf Mr. Snow

Rosella Purple

Dwarf Emerald Giant

Tasmanian Chocolate

Sandhill Preservation.

Dwarf Jade Beauty

Summertime Gold

Tomato Growers Supply.

Dwarf Wild Fred

Summertime Green

Tatiana's TomatoBase.

Perth Pride

Sleeping Lady

Yukon Quest

Iditarod Red

I grew Yukon Quest and Iditarod Red during the grow outs and they were pumping out medium fruits on 14"-24" tall plants with very good flavor. Just make sure you support the fruit trusses as they will break off due to the weight of the fruits. Ami

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