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Keeping snakes out of doggy run?

12 years ago

Is there really anything that works that will keep snakes away - moth balls, lyme....anything?

I live in SE GA and have been seeing way too many snakes lately, one of my dogs got bit recently in the doggy run but it was just a corn snake, thankfully.

Garter snakes keep climbing up my tree in the dog run hanging out in the bird feeders. Obviously I've relocated the bird feeders!

I'm on 3 1/2 acres so no way I can keep them out of my yard altogether, but was wondering if anyone knows of something I can put on the outside of the doggy run (that will be safe for pets, birds, etc...) My 3 dogs have a doggy door and go in and out as they please - afraid something might happen while I'm not here. I've only SEEN one venemous snake, cottonmouth, but that was about 4 years ago. I pray there will be no more of those!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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