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Injured black vulture need advice ((LONG)))

16 years ago

I wanted to post this to get an unbiased opinion on how to handle a black vulture with a injured/most likely broken wing.

The vulture in question can not fly, his flock leaves daily and he's left behind. He does not hold his wing close to his body and it droops, when he walks his flight feathers drag the ground.

I've contacted a local wildlife rehab center and they told me to let nature take it's course or catch him and bring him in. They will euthanize if his wing is unable to be repaired. In my mind being humanely euthanized is better than starving because he can't find food or on the other hand being kept in a cage the rest of his life.

Here is my dilemma, I can't catch him because he hops high up in a pine tree from branch to branch. I'm having a very difficult time with the whole let nature take it's course thing considering he's living about 20 feet from my house. In my defense I did ignore him for about three days straight, didn't look at him or search the tree for him. On about day four I found him in my yard trying to eat dog waste. That was it, nature wasn't work fast enough. I broke my cardinal rule and I threw him some raw meat, I couldn't watch him try to eat dog poop! Now I'm on day 6 off feeding him a daily meal. He's still not flying and seems (don't laugh) sad to me. Let me explain that I've been watching this roost of vultures for the last five years and I have become very acquainted with their habits.

If your still with me and care to give an opinion I'd love to hear it. Better yet, if you know someone in Southern New Jersey that I could contact I'd love to have an email or phone number.

Thanks so much! Kristi

*** Old picture of the vultures I've snapped ***

Please note that I DO NOT encourage any interaction with them, they are just brazen little things.

Turkey Vulture

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