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Identifying animals

15 years ago

Animal Identification 101

Having been a professional hunting guide since 1998, and running round the woods since I was about 7 (I'm 60) - I can tell you that the first thing you should do when trying to identify an animal by sound, tracks, deoppings or visual evidence (sighting or photo) - one of the first thnigs you should do - is check to see if a suspected animal is even native to your area.

I it is is not - then look for alternatives. However, realize that many mammals are kept on game farms and as pets, and have been turned loose, or gotten loose, in many areas - so don't totally discount an unlikely candidate.

But, look for the most likley candidate, based on where that species normally occurs.

You can often find good photos of animals, and information on tracks and scat (droppings) on the itnernet. Just Google it.

If you are unsure - feel free to e-amil me at

Photos always help.

God bless and enjoy the great outdoors.

T.R. Michels

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