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loud flock of birds

13 years ago

Wow, the craziest thing just happened. I stepped out on my deck to see if it was warm enough to take my boys out and all I heard were what sounded like hundreds of squaking birds. My first thought was that it was a flock of Canadian Geese flying overhead even though it didnt really sound exactly like geese. As I looked around (we have woods along the back and side of our house)I saw dozens of black birds flying from one tree to another. I grabbed my binocs hoping I could get a better look, but it was hard! They were in the tree tops, flying around a lot, and I was holding my wiggly 5 month old baby. A couple I saw were black with long beaks and maybe a little larger than a cardinal. I got a fairly good look at one and I was almost 100% certain it was a Robin. I don't see many robins here and when I do it is always spring. The others definitely did not look like robins. Then my 2 and 4 year old sons came out looking for me and yelling mommmmmyyyyy. I don't know if thats what did it but around that time whooosh, all the birds flew from the trees into a group, flew in a full circle, then flew away in the opposite direction. I have never seen this before! Maybe I am displaying my ignorance, but do robins flock with other birds and migrate? I just find it unusual to see them here (SE Georgia)this time of year.

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