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Yellow Warbler photos and a warbler non photo id needed....

13 years ago

First the other evening I was down at our nature preserve and saw a small bird had hit the window. I went to see if it was ok and saw it was a warbler of some kind. I had the dogs with me so I had to careful and just wanted to get it off the ground and didn't have the camera with to take a photo and didn't id it as well as I could have but this is what I know for a fact. It was slate grey/blue across its back and head except for a rusty brown patch (not cap) on the top of its head. The chest and under the wings were yellow and lower on the belly was white. I didn't pay attention to any wingbars but I do know the tail had no identifying marks that I can recall. I thought it would be an easy id until I looked it my bird book. I had been thinking young Palm Warbler due to the rusty patch on its head but it doesn't look anything like my books show. For the most part it looks/seems like a Northern Parula except for the rusty patch on its head. I wasn't imagining that, it definately had that patch and the pretty slate blue color was something I haven't seen very often. It was such a petite little thing. It even fluttered out of my hand and landed on my shoulder for a bit before it flew to the wildflower garden and landed on some tall flowers were I left it. I wish I had my camera but since I didn't does anyone have any ideas on what kind of warbler it could have been??

Then yesterday we had a group of Yellow Warblers fluttering about our trees in search of bugs. We usually get plenty of them in the fall. They love our sunflowers for searching for bugs under the big leaves. I did manage to get a few photos of these Yellow Warblers.....


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