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A question about seam sealing and an observation:

18 years ago

Just got back from a soaking camping trip at the alpine scout camp in Jersey. Saturday we had just about every precipitation possible; thunderstorms, rain, sleet hail and snow was cast down upon us along with a frigid wind. Uncomfortable to say the least. Anyway, the tent supported the icy fly well and my son and I remained quite dry.

My first question is how often should I apply a sealer to the seams that aren't tape sealed? My Sunrise is about 5 years old and I've probably sealed it 3 or 4 times already. Is that overkill or not enough? I've been dry so something's right. I see a little flaking in spots but not in the crucial areas. Thanks for you expertise!

My other question is just a curiosity. It's been a while since I've posted but I've been monitoring this forum for years. I seem to remember that there used to be a lot more activity than currently displayed. I'd say about a one to one and a half years ago participation seem to dwindle. I hope everyone is out there camping and their laptops are just too far to receive any signals. Has any long timers had similar observations?

Thanks and Be well,


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