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photography frustration, advice?

14 years ago

Help all you great photographers! Rachel, Kenn, Konrad, others....

I have a new Canon Rebel XTi1. I have the standard 18-55 mm IS lens and a 55-250 IS zoom lens. I have been very happy with the 18-55 and happy with the other on lower settings (non-zoomed or not zoomed a lot). But I am having enormous difficulty getting clear (in focus) shots when I'm zoomed out to 250. I've tried a tripod and it doesn't really help. Here are a couple of examples:

This photo is at 163 mm, f-stop 5.6, exp. 1/200. It is pretty clear, although I think it could be better. I was about six feet away. Not sure if you can blow these up to bigger to see what I mean.

This one and the next I am further away because I realized mom and dad weren't coming in with me so close. I was probably 12-15 feet away. This one is at 250 mm, f-5.6, 1/250 exp.

This one is 250 mm, f-5.6, 1/320 exp.

I am frustrated. I am doing all these with autofocusing, autosettings. Do I need to figure out shutter speeds and f-stops and ISOs to get the photos I want or is there something else I am doing wrong? Or am I just expecting too much with the equipment I have?

Thanks so much for your help.


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