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Bird ID Please?

Hey there!

Wow, all these years on GW and I never found out there was a bird forum here! Anyway, I was hoping you guys could help me figure out what this little fellow is?

Frontal shot:


Second shot of the back of his head and back:


Sorry to bother you guys with an ID. I tried to look it up myself on, but the only things it came up with were a Lincoln's Sparrow and a couple types of Thrushes. I'm not sure those are it. I even went thru the online list of birds common in our area and didn't see him. This bird does have the sort of wavy brown striping on the breast like that of the Lincoln's Sparrow, but mine seems to be overall a bit darker in color (although I suppose coloration can change due to the season??). As you can see from the second pic, the little bird has brown stripes running down the back of his head too. This little guy is about the same size as a common sparrow, although perhaps a smidge bigger and a little more 'pot-bellied' in a way. The mannerisms of this bird were different from your regular sparrow too. He (or she) liked being near the ground, hopping, scratching, and pecking around. Didn't scare off as easily as sparrows. He/she also seemed to hold it's tail upright all the time as it hopped around.

Sorry if that is all too much detail in description- wasn't sure how much you would need to ID him. Appreciate any help you can give! Thanks so much...


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