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Why are parts of my red currant plant wilting and going limp?

13 years ago


My tomato plants (raised bed) have finally begun to set fruit after a lot of blossom dropping.

However, my red currant tomato plant just today is starting to wilt and go limp. So far it has only impacted one branch. This branch is one of the few with fruit on it.

There aren't any discolorations on the leaves. The peppers next to them had an aphid problem that is now under control (neem oil and hand flicking).

In the past two days we've gotten a lot of rain so it shouldn't be from under-watering. And, there is no Black Walnut tree.

What might be causing this? Can it be corrected? More importantly, should I take evasive action to contain this - will it spread to the Black Krims (that have just finally flowered) planted next to it?

Thanks for any suggestions in advance. This is my first attempt at vegetable growing and I've learned a lot by reading through this forum.


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