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The EarthTainer 'Farm' - July 3 - - Harvest Time!! (pic heavy)

12 years ago

After the worst Spring this year (rain and a high of 58 last Tuesday), we've finally got some warm weather setting in now. Pink Boar clusters are now ripening:


Had this Black & Brown Boar with Dinner last night. Excellent deep flavor:


I'll be picking my first ripe Dona later today:


And Kosovo is really loading up fruit:


Most of the plants have outgrown even the cage extensions (to the cage extensions). N.A.R.X. on the left and Soren's MarNar F1 on the right.


The growth champ continues to be my Brandywine From Croatia. I have this in a 90 inch tall cage - - and it has now overgrown that by 6 inches:


Even though I cut back from 6 Pepper plants per 'Tainer to now 4, it still is a jungle in there:


Cukes continue to progress. They are on a partially shaded deck, so not as full as I would have liked. Sweet Success on the left, and Diva on the right:


Corn is almost ready for harvest:


I estimate about another week to 10 days:


So, barring any infestation of Mites, etc. things are looking to move into high gear for the Harvest:



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