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The EarthTainer 'Farm' - June 1 (pics) - - Topping Plants Already

14 years ago

After a pretty dismal April and early May here in Northern California, we've warmed up a bit this past 2 weeks. Bloody Butcher looks like it will be my first plant to blush in a few weeks (we are perhaps 3 weeks behind last year due to the 2-times amount of rainfall we have had in 2010):


My Paul Robesons are over 78 inches tall, and I will be topping them back to about 65 inches to encourage filling out in the middle of the plants:


The German Red Strawberry likewise is over 72 inches and will be topped back to 65 inches tomorrow:


Japanese Black Trifele is loaded with fruit:


First time growing it this Season, so I am anxious to see the fruit shape and taste:


The fertilizer trials are going well with Fertilizer "A" left, Fertilizer "B" center, and Fertilizer "C" on the right. All are identical Goose Creek plants:


The over-wintered Bell Peppers are prolific, significantly ahead of the seed started ones from January (in the 'Tainer to the left):


And the NuMex Heritage 6-4 Peppers are now flowering:


Sweetcorn is kicking it with tassels now appearing:


I am glad I stayed with 3 rows of 5 plants each as the stalks are quite robust:


If I had crowded in more, they would have been less productive, I believe.

So as we are now into June when it starts to really warm up here, I am looking for about an inch a day of plant growth:


I'll file another report in about 2 weeks, and by that time, I will possibly be "lost" in the jungle:



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