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Gardener of the month- November swap partners

This will be the last month for our gom group. I have the names of who sends to who.

I know that some of us can still receive plants and others can't. I think we should all post a quick note letting our partner know if we can receive plants or not.

Heres the list...

Debbya sends to Annie

Annie sends to Lisa

Lisa sends to Deb (momcat)

deb (momcat) sends to Kara

Kara sends to Linda

Linda sends to debbya

I cannot receive live plants at this time of the year but bulbs and seeds would be fine.


I'll check your zone and wants list and see if I can come up with something special for your box.


I found a bubble envy today addressed to you with three stamps on it, did I forget to send you something? or did I make two accidently. Please let me know!!!!

Have a great night ladies


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