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new: fotess 1st anniversary swap!

10 years ago

I can't believe it's been a year since Jeanne and I decided to start this group! We've had lots of great swaps and hopefully, everyone has had fun with it. I know I have! Well, I thought we should celebrate with a 1st Anniversary Party for our October swap!

Friends of the Earth-Simple Swaps keys in on recycling/upcycling, trading seeds and reading. And we try to keep it simple. If you would like to join the group, please contact me (this month) or Jeanne and I any other time, to find out how to join. We love to welcome new members!

To celebrate our first anniversary, we will be sending:

1. The FIRST (and only) pack of seeds; that's right, just one pack of seeds; it will be the FIRST pack sent for the new FOTESS year. I know this will be hard for all our generous traders, but TRY, folks, TRY!

2. Anniversaries call for gifts, so we'll be sending a recycled/upcycled anniversary gift using one, any or all of the following ingredients:

Paper (traditional gift for 1st anniversaries);

Clocks (modern gift for 1st anniversaries);

Something gold or yellow (first year colors);

Orange Blossoms or Pansies (first year flowers); and,

Pearls or Peridot (what is that?)(first year gemstones).

The gift is open to your creative interpretation; I think it would be fun to see how many of these things you can use! So far, I've used everything but the orange blossoms, the pearls and the peridot, whatever that is! But it looks rather strange, so I may have to re-think it!

Remember, we try to keep it simple, yeah, I know, but we really do!

How you mail is at your discretion, but you must use a DC#. Please post here when you ship and when you receive.

Sign ups will be open until Oct.8, and you will have until Oct. 31st to mail out.

And yes, we play some "FIRST" games too!

And I'm sorry I didn't use our logo; I can't find it on my computer!

All members of FOTESS are invited to the Party; wonder who will be the first to arrive!? Come on out and join us!


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