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UPDATE: part 3 whats 5th annual whats left on my want list swap

13 years ago

Here we are with our 3rd thread and we didn't even finish sign-ups yet we are up to 67 players so far and have 2 more days for sign-ups


the way this goes is first you sign up then go to your seed list and update your WANT LIST updating your have list is optional because we will not need that for the swap

I will send you an e-mail with my address if you e-mail is blocked thru garden web either unblock it or e-mail me directly with your e-mail address you are not offically signed up until I e-mail you back

everyones want list should be updated by the 10th make a notation with the date so we know it's done because we all know we keep adding LOL

You start checking all the players lists when the sign-ups are closed Angie will start a thread with a list of all the players that is clickable so you can go to one place to check all of the lists

On the list there will a number next to each persons name in the order that they signed up please put the gardenweb name and the number on the seeds who they are for

There is a limit of 250 packs of seeds that EACH person can send any more than that makes it too hard to find enough different things to send back to one person

I will not send you doubles of any seed unless you request it

You get back as many seeds as you send we may add a few extras if possible so remember if you have 100 packs of seeds sent for you and you sent only 20 you will only get 20 I try to pick the best ones.

Only seeds that are on peoples want list can be sent unless it is a special request from someone and those need to be marked special request and who they are for

Everyone seems to be happy I aim to please

You send the seeds to me with enough postage to mail the seeds back to you so whatever it cost you to mail is the postage you include with a self addressed sticker inside so I can put it on over my address to send back to you also put a note with your gardenweb name inside if you want delivery confirmation you need to add an extra 75 cents I think that is what it costs now

The seeds have to be sent no later than the 25th of November we will try to get them back to within 2 weeks of getting the last pack of seeds

This is a seed swap not a root or cutting swap so please don't send those to be passed on

Also don't e-mail people to send you seeds from their list unless they post that you can if you see something you want on someones list put it on your want list and if they have it they can send it to you

Thanks for joining welcome back to my regulars and to the new players one year and you are hooked

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