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Rants and observations so far this season

16 years ago

RANT: Cream Sausage is the tasteless tomato of the century. If it's possible for a tomato to taste like a bland cucumber, this one does.

OBSERVATION: If there is a better tasting, more perfect for containers tomato than Lime Green Salad, I haven't seen it. These plants are so short!! And tasty!

OBSERVATION: TN Yellow cherries are really nice and sweet, but very small. I got out the seed package to see if it said currant in parentheses somewhere.

OBSERVATION: Fargo kicks Yello Pear's butt in flavor and meatiness. And it's determinate.

RANT: Why do my Black from Tula's look like large pear tomatoes!? My neighbor came over and asked me to look at the plants I gave her, and I was like god, lady. Your Fargos are huge! Then they turned black. Pictures to come. I'm perplexed.

RANT: Green Zebra wouldn't grow for me if I paid it.

RANT: Why don't watermelons come with instructions on when to pick? Also, for that matter (and I know its a tomato forum), why don't the seed companies just say "this melon is super fragrant, but it is not grown for eating. So unless you have a body odor problem, or burned off your taste buds, don't order them even though they look awesome." For that matter, I feel like they should have warned me about Cream Sausage. Why do I have to b such a sucker for seed catalogs...

OBSERVATION: The tomatoes I want to try the most are the slowest to grow/ripen.

I know you all probably have a ton of recipes, and I always see some beautiful pictures of food on here. Something I've done a lot recently with the cherries is make like a 7 or 8 variety cherry tomato bruschetta. Just cut them up as small as you have patience for, drizzle a bit of olive oil and balsamic over them, shred cut some basil, and those little fresh mozzerella balls, mix, and put on toasted french or sourdough bread. Get enough of a variety of colors in there, and it's really beautiful. And if you have a lot of time on your hands, you can rub a clove of garlic on the bread. I used to do that, but now find myself wanting more the taste of the tomatoes than the garlic.

I'll post pictures of my mystery Black From Tula tomorrow.


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