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NEW: Beans, peas and legumes swap

8 years ago

I'll be hosting this swap. But, it's YOUR swap for those who participate. Please post any ideas for how you'd like to see it run.

For now, my spare time is taken up running the tomato swap, which will likely last through December.

My thoughts are to receive all packages in this bean swap by mid/late December, post everything that comes in on a list, and then have everyone fight over who gets what. :)

Well, it would be more like everyone posts what they would like, numbering their preferences from 1 to ...

Each participant would get their first choice if available, then it would move on to their second choice, etc...

Wish lists could be used in advance (like the tomato swap), but I do not know if participants in the swap would likely have what others are looking for.

Packages would likely go back in early January.


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