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Hummingbird pic/id - my first hummingbird. :)

18 years ago

So I was out walking down this path today when I spotted a hummingbird greedily and happily glutting itself on hosta blossoms. (I guess they like them? :) ) I ran in fast to get my camera and managed to "snag" a pic. It was sooo cute.... It flew right up to me.... seemed to be aiming for my belly. Maybe it thought (was I wearing a brightly colored shirt?) it was food? :) or maybe it liked getting its picture taken.? :)

Here are the pics.... it flew so fast in different directions that by the time I got the pic I wasn't even sure where it was. It also move so fast the picture is blurry. But here it is: It was closer than it looks in the photo:

Here I zoomed in so you can see her face : :)

I wonder what kind it was? You can't really see from the pic since she's? showing you her belly but her back was bright green. She doesn't have a ruby throat or anything so I'm wondering if it was a female? or a different species? Her belly was yellowish/brown. :)

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