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NEW: The Petal Pushers Seed Swap

16 years ago


See the earlier posting about The Petal Pushers group. You will need to be a member by contacting Sassyd in order to participate in this swap, but this is a very friendly group with only a few rules.

I am posting this now so you can begin to gather some seeds! More details will be posted soon and you will get e-mail from me about the swap once you sign up. Once you receive that e-mail from me with instructions, mail your seeds beginning on Oct. 8 and be sure to mail them by Oct. 25. I will begin dividing them up on Nov. 1 and the same number of packets will be returned to you by mail. This will be handled as follows: Everyone will send their seed packets to me along with a list of the types of seeds you prefer to receive (vegetable, shade plants, annuals, etc.) and what you have sent. You can be specific about the variety of what you would like, but I can only resend what is received so please understand that you may not get exactly what you requested. I will do my best.

Label your seed packets well and include your GardenWeb name and the year harvested. Of course, we prefer seeds harvested this fall, but my personal experience has been that if seeds are stored well, they are usually still good the following year so you can include some from 2006 as well. I recommend you try to germinate one or two of the older seeds to make sure they are still viable before sending them. Anything older than 2006, do not count them in the packets that will be swapped but you can send some older ones as "freebies" to be passed along. Indicate which are freebies if you send some and if you sign up and want to receive some freebies, let me know that as well. Send all seeds in a padded (bubble) envelope with sufficient postage. After I glance through some other postings, I will address the number of seeds per packet. You can send fewer seeds per packet if yours are an unsual kind. No participant should send more than 35 packets of seeds (40 if you send some "freebies.") Otherwise, this will be a bit too much for me to deal with. No more than 6 packets can be the same. You can send as few as one packet. If members will post on this thread some of the seeds they plan to send and what they would like, it may help to direct the swap. (If I see that someone wants Marigold 'Jaguar' I would include that knowing that someone wants it and if you see that I have Vitex/Chaste Tree seeds, you might think to request them.) Also, in the note that you include in your mailing to me, make sure your name and address are on the list.

I hope all of this makes sense. For now, just think about what seeds you have or want to gather and I will be back with more details soon. Remember, sort through your seeds or begin gathering now and you will mail your seeds to me between Oct. 8 and Oct. 25 so I can begin to shuffle them and resend early in Nov. I promise to begin that process on Nov. 1, but give me a week to shuffle them and try to match the "want lists" before you begin to watch the mailbox closely.

I hope you will enjoy this swap. I checked with Sassy before posting this and got her approval. (Hope you are feeling better, Sassy!) Remember that this is a seed swap - this is not the time to enclose gifts, plants, or bulbs. No hostess gifts! You will need to send an envelope that can be used to return the seeds to you and postage. More about that when I send e-mail to you. Any questions, just ask.

You will get my name and address by e-mail and final details once you sign up so please be sure that I can reach you. I don't want my address listed on the board. Also, I will check with Sassy to make sure the participants have registered with her as members.

Can't wait to see all the wonderful seeds that this group will share!


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