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Help me save this poor plant

11 years ago

A friend of mine gave me a sun gold cherry tomato plant, which she brought from her newphew's nursery in NY. She didn't get around to bring it to me for over a month and kept it in the original container ( a small about 5"x5" container). When she finally gave it to me the plant was looking very sad, but was almost two feet tall with very few leaves. The bottom two leaves were looking yellow and I took them off and planted to tomato very deeply in hopes to establish a stronger root system and come back to life. I planted it a couple weeks ago in a large container in a mix of organic store bought soil, peat moss and a mix of chicken manure and compost (also store bought). The plant is looking a little better overall and has even set three tiny tomatoes. It looks like it's also starting to grow some small suckers, but the bottom leaves which were green when I planted it are now looking sickly. I wonder if it's still hungry and it just needs some time to absorb some nutrients from the soil or if it's sick. If it's sick, what can I do to save it? Thank you so much for the advice!

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