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Urgent help! Please help me save my favorite plant!

12 years ago

Hello everyone!

About half a year ago, I planted a few blue morning glory seeds I had collected a long time ago, and have been caring for them since then. But today, disaster struck.

My vines had grown beautifully, climbing the wall of my garden. Coming home today from work, I found they had been pulled off the wall by some imbecile. Only the bottom 2ft managed to stay attached, and are holding the weight of the rest (which was about 6ft high). I can't take any pictures right now, since it is dark and rainy outside, but the leaves look mostly OK still I don't know how long they'll stay that way. It's the stems that look badly damaged: they're all torn, broken and bent sharply in many places.

These plants have a very special sentimental significance for me, and I am really desperate to save them.

What should I do? I cannot reattach them to the wall, and the wall itself is of very weak block, so it wouldn't hold any nails or screws. Should I cut them where they were bent? Will they survive and blossom if I do? I will be very grateful for any help you can give me.

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