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Selecting the right fruit to save seed from

11 years ago

I saved tomato seeds for the first time last year and ended up with a cross from the one plant(Indian Stripe) that I most wanted to save seed from. I also let these seeds over-ferment and had very poor germination(only 1 seed out of 40 or so sowed). Due to the failures, I've been doing more research on saving seeds and breeding. I found a youtube video from a well-known breeder among tomato people, Tom Wagner, and wanted to share it: . After watching this video, I realized I was picking the wrong fruit to save seed from. In fact, the Indian Stripe fruit I saved seeds from last year were, the very first of the season, catfaced, and large. I didn't realize there are particular "clues" as to which fruit to save seed from.

By the way, I'm saving seed from the Indian Stripe X Super Sioux or Stupice?. This plant was the earliest in my garden and the fruits tasted really good. If my saved seeds germinate I'm going to grow 10 plants this Fall and save seeds from 2 of the plants(one of which will hopefully be dark like Indian Stripe) and grow those next year.


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