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Seed Saving - Choosing the right tomatoes

10 years ago

Hey guys. I spent the last 20 minutes looking through the seed saving forum and didnt come up with many real answers - forgive me if this has already been addressed. I also posted there but there isnt much action in that forum and this is specific to tomatoes.

I am saving seeds from many of my heirloom varieties.

Is there a problem with saving seeds from:

First tomatoes of the season?

Last Tomatoes of the season?

Cracked/split tomatoes?

Catfaced tomatoes?

Smaller or larger tomatoes than the expected average size for the specific variety?

Oddly shaped?

Extremely Ripe?

Not Ripe?

Obviously I am looking to have heathy "close to normal" plants and tomatoes next year. I know there are a lot of factors and most of the above are to be expected from heirloom varieties and also weather is a huge factor in the creation of some of those non-perfect tomatoes.

I saved many seeds from last year and am quite pleased with the results of the planting this year but I mainly used the "best of the best" tomatoes for seed saving. I am just wondering if it is truly necessary. I can't imagine the companies that sell seeds ONLY use the best tomatoes. Im sure they use everything.

Thanks guys - always appreciate your input


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