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Do you like Can-O-Worms?

19 years ago

I have a couple of very primitive homemade bins (milk crates lined with weed cloth, wrapped in plastic, and loosely covered. They work OK, but they dry out too quickly, and they lack bells and whistles. I have too many projects on my plate already, so I've been thinking that rather than build something better, I might look for someone who wants to sell their commercial bin. I was thinking of a lateral bin, like the Wormaroo, but what I found was someone willing to sell a Can-O-Worms for $65. It's more than I was hoping to spend, but still a good price compared to new.

I know Kelly Slocum had a couple of negative things to say about stacking systems, and I respect her opinion. Still, it's available. What have your experiences been with them?

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