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Brandywine Sudduth vs Brandywine Cowlicks

13 years ago

Alright here we go! We have the all time Brandy champ Sudduth versus the coming on strong newcomer Cowlicks. Sudduth might never have had this tough an opponent before! Seeds started March 6, 2010. Both plants transplanted to garden April 26, 2010. Both plants suffered through two straight 34F nights, 3 days of 50MPH winds and a hailstorm. First pics today, May 28, 2010. May the best plant win! BTW, if any of you are also growing both please chime in now and as the season progresses!

Cowlicks certainly is off to a faster start and looks healthier and definitely larger. Sudduth has some yellowish lower leaves but neither any disease. Sorry I popped in a basil plant in front of Cowlicks I wasn't thinking. I'll move it next time LOL It's a LONG way to go and the proof will be in the tasting and production. And before anyone complains that you can't judge varieties based only on 1 plant of each in only 1 season I KNOW THAT! (I actually have 2 plants of each haha.) This is for fun and curiousity...;-)

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