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"Running through the Vermicomposter"

9 years ago

Garden amendments and supplements seem as if they could benefit from being run through a vermicompost system. Things like bio-char, greensand, pearlite, peat moss, coco-choir, trace minerals could be picked up by the biology in the bin and perhaps be the best way to get these things to the roots of the plants. If vermicomposting increases the bio load of what we put into the bin, then the supplements would seem to increase the goodies held by that micro life we harvest. Perhaps they would not wash out of the soil as quickly. Or perhaps they would help the microbes by providing nutrition, habitat, or moisture balancing. Pro, Con, Discussion?

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  • chuckiebtoo
    9 years ago

    Wow, EQ2......that's getting deep into the wormbin!

    This is just me, but over the years thru experimentation with almost every bin, and every AVCT brew, and every VC application I've coaxed my worms into producing, (often using comparison treatments/non-treatments on side-by-side plants) and with the subsequent study of the results of applying those VC's & teas to my plants and gardens and trees, I can tell you that no other amendments, additions, tweaks or other "improvements" are in any way neither necessary nor more productive.

    You just can't improve on the results achieved with worm least that's what my treated vegetations scream at me.

    That said, all those things probably wouldn't HURT anything too much, but how would you ever be able to tell?


    BTW....I personally don't use microscopes to tell if my brewed teas are ready. Just consistency of production and application after all that trial and tweak.

    Yesterday's AVCT brew prep (during these optimum months, I brew tea pretty much continually)

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