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Need aesthetically pleasing ideas for tomato support

13 years ago

My garden is on the side of the house in the back yard behind a 6' vinyl privacy fence with lattice top, and is on a highway/main street in our town. It's an old victorian that has seen better days, but will see better if I can keep improving the situation.

What I had at the last house was a very large (5x13) raised bed, with 4 2x4 uprights, 2 crossbars and 2 2x4s running across the top with ropes hanging down (kindof a modified Florida weave/"rope stake" combo). The 2x4s got a little warped, and the setup was kinda slapped together and not aesthetic.

This house, we have 9 4x12 beds (2 for tomatoes, 2 for peppers and tomatillos, 5 for other stuff). I was happy with the way the ropes and the tomatoes interacted, and I'm wondering if I can make a pergola-type structure that sits on cement footings (perhaps set in forms or something) so the pergola will be stable in the wind but also moveable to another bed the next year. Obviously, I don't want the pergola to shade, but rather just be pleasing. I would like the garden to have (at least at first glance) a semblance of "formal garden" and would rather not use PVC or duct tape (not that they aren't perfectly wonderful somewhere else).

Here is a picture of the front of our house before we closed if you would like to see what I am working with (I never noticed that the trim was tomato-colored!)... I have planted flowers on both sides of the stairs the entire frontage of the house but I still have work to do on the stairs.

Did I mention that the project has to be pretty cheap? Luckily, we're fairly handy.



Here is a link that might be useful:

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